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About our Classes

Beginner/ Gentle Yoga
This class is designed to introduce the student to yoga. Asanas, the postures, will be taught with detail, allowing the student to become acquainted with not only the physical position, but also with the language used in a Vinyasa yoga class. Learning the proper alignment and best modifications for each student is the goal for this class, as well as preparing the student to be comfortable in a more advanced class. Students that have practiced for years may find this class refreshing and beneficial!

High energy/ Mixed Level
A class that offers a comfort zone for the less experienced student, but still challenging the more advanced practitioner. Expect the opportunity for arm balances, be ready to find your edge! Invite yourself to explore, engage, and take your practice to a bit beyond! 

Yin Yoga
If you have never tried's time you did! We hold specifically chosen asanas to deeply open the body. By staying with the asana longer we move into the connective tissue and the fascia. This promotes better circulation, flexibility and increased range of motion at the joint, just to name a few of the many benefits. The comment at the close of every class is that the class "isn't long enough!" Come on! Get in with Yin!

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